Responding to Emerging Philanthropic Priorities


The world needs your organization’s mission right now.

There is a group of people out there — maybe a very large group of people — who need your organization’s mission right now.

Are you listening?

What are donors yearning to fund? What opportunities are grantors offering? What are philanthropists broadcasting about their funding priorities?

They are sending mass emails, talking on podcasts, tweeting, and sending out calls for proposals and applications. Are you listening? Contributed Line is consuming this information every day.

Donors are giving. Foundations are announcing their giving priorities. Philanthropists are encouraging organizations to apply for funding.

Contributed Line can help bridge the generosity of donors, foundations, and corporate giving entities to what your organization can do.

Contributed Line is a fundraising consulting firm that can help nonprofit organizations harness the recent initiatives prioritized by leaders in the philanthropic community.

Before I go any further, my email address is and my phone number is 402.216.8766. Please call me if Contributed Line can help.

Here are some hot topics being funded in the Midwest, where I happen to live, and nationwide RIGHT NOW (Summer/Fall 2020)…

1.) Primary concerns of the HEALTH and ECONOMIC impacts of the pandemic: Community foundations across the land are granting efforts that are putting money in the hands of people living on the line of poverty, anything that stimulates small businesses and keep people skilled and working, and, of course, supporting frontline workers and people who have been affected by the virus. How does your organization’s work intersect with these efforts? How can it?

2.) Housing and Community Development: The need for safe, physical shelter is more important that ever. How is your organization helping?

3.) Domestic Violence Rescue and Prevention: As predicted, domestic violence is on the rise and yet it is being under-reported. How can your organization help?

4.) Efforts to Chronicle, Combat, Prevent, and Prosecute Hate Crimes: As local journalism faces challenges, the work of documenting the most egregious crimes in communities is falling on the shoulders of nonprofits. Luckily, funders such as the Proteus Fund, the Matthew Sheppard Foundation, and Mackenzie Scott, are all funding organizations that work to seek justice for hate crimes. Does your organization work with a marginalized population that has experienced unpunished crimes? How can you be part of this effort in a way that advances your mission?

5.) Civic Engagement in the Democratic Process: Does the population you serve have access to the polls? How can your organization help your constituents engage in the democratic process?

6.) Anything addressing climate change: Evergreen.

In the near future, funders of all capacity levels will need to address not only the immediate impacts of a yet-to-be-fully-contained virus, but also the SECONDARY impacts: People in quarantine are facing challenges not yet completely understood. Every subsector is affected: healthcare, human services, education, spiritual, fine arts, early childhood services, youth services, environmental advocacy, workforce development, etc.

Perhaps the population served by your organization is not receiving the services and resources they need as a result of the upheaval created by the pandemic. If you could talk to a philanthropist, what would you tell them about your clients that they need to know now?

I hope this is getting you thinking about how your organization can seize this moment to transform your organization to thrive in the beautiful, better, kinder world that will emerge as this season passes.

Contributed Line can help you identify, apply for, and submit grant applications ON TIME (before deadline) in a way that is designed to enrich, not exhaust, the people and resources of your organization. Call Kevin today!

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