Contributed Line, LLC is a grant writing, fundraising, and 
content development company serving nonprofit and 
for-profit organizations.

Contributed Line was incorporated in 2018.

Member: Nonprofit Association of the Midlands | Grant Professionals Association

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Kevin Mahler,
President & Founder,
Contributed Line, LLC

For over a decade, I have helped nonprofit organizations exceed fundraising goals through excellent project management skills and a personal mission to make the world a more just, inclusive place where art, education, and human services are valued by and available to all people.

I have experienced success in a remarkably diverse array of fundraising projects and I am passionate about applying my expertise to help you solve problems and gain greater efficiency and sustainability.

Prior to founding Contributed Line, I served as a full-time fundraising professional at Creighton University, The Blue Barn Theatre, and Omaha Conservatory of Music.

I have earned a Master’s Degree from Michigan State University (2008) and a Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Iowa (2004). I have augmented my professional experience in grant writing and fundraising with continuing education and professional development. I live in Omaha, Nebraska with my wife and kids.

My Gallup CliftonStrengths [*]

  • Connectedness
  • Individualization
  • Achiever
  • Arranger
  • Responsibility

Your organization needs fundraising help. It is always a team effort. I am here for you as a happy taskmaster who can keep track of all moving parts in the fundraising process.

We are going to make it happen together.

Contact me and let’s get started.


Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevinfmahler/
Phone: 402.216.8766
Email: kevin@contributedline.com

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