Do you know how to be creative, energetic, think outside the norm and design a great, unique and effective fundraising event? I sure don’t, but Kevin Mahler does and that’s exactly what he did for me and my non-profit, Compassion In Action. His creative ideas exposed me to cross cultural and socioeconomic lines to sell my book, “What If” and also share the value and need for Compassion In Action. Thank you Kevin for all your support, insight, energy and creativity in the strange world of fundraising and also the new connections made through networking.

— Teela M., 2020

Kevin built the [organization]’s development program which, prior to him, was conducted mostly with volunteers and non-development staff. Kevin’s an energetic fundraiser-following up on leads, developing new prospects, and stewarding donor’s gifts really well. Kevin is thoughtful, creative and a great writer. He’s what one is looking for in a development professional.

— Sara M., 2017

I have worked with Kevin and know him to be an experienced, knowledgeable, and very effective fundraiser.  He has my highest recommendation.

— Jerry M., 2020

“Contributed Line has really been the right company to help us find the sweet spots to keep us funded. Kevin keeps an open mind as we go through opportunities, he tries new things, and he keeps us asking for the donations we need. We have to work for every penny and Kevin and Contributed Line are leading us to where we need to go.”

ー Mike M., client organization representative, 2018

“I have watched Kevin throughout his career and he is a go-getter. He has amazing follow up and tenacity.”

Jill S., professional associate, community volunteer, 2017

“Working with Kevin on several development projects was a pleasure. His insights were appreciated and he was always willing to try new ideas and approaches. He was consistently proactive in giving me the materials, latitude, and support needed to do my best possible work.

“Kevin was also realistic about meeting deadlines and not pursuing leads that would have been a poor fit for the organization. It was refreshing to work with someone who understands that an important part of fundraising is not squandering development resources and capacity on quixotic longshots. Kevin truly cares about making the community he serves a better place for all of us.”

ー Tracy B., fellow grant writing professional/collaborator, 2014 – 2017

“The organization had little infrastructure around fundraising at that point, and Kevin built the program from the ground up. He developed high-quality solicitation materials, secured numerous corporate sponsorships for the productions, and created the company’s first annual fund program.

“Kevin is adept at planning and administrative structure, and always proactively manages deadlines. He enjoys people, has broad interests, and is committed to helping organizations grow and serve diverse populations.”

ー Shannon W., colleague, 2011 – 2013

“Working with Kevin was a wonderful experience for myself and our company. Kevin is an extremely bright, detail-oriented, personable individual.”

ー Dan D., vendor/collaborator, 2011

“Kevin’s work flow, creativity and communication style make him a standout in the workplace. Our Creative Department had the pleasure of working with Kevin on a large campaign. I watched him flawlessly coordinate the print, photography, and video teams. We genuinely enjoyed working with him and he quickly became our go-to person. He gained the reputation for getting the job done, with superb, professional results. He possesses the unique ability to work with all levels and personalities, not to mention, an infectious sense of humor.”

ー Tessa Y., colleague, 2008-2011
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