Grant Writing

Contributed Line provides a full spectrum of grant writing, grant research, and grant preparation services.

Project-Based Grant Writing

When you’re in a pinch and you need someone to quickly produce a complex grant application, Contributed Line can help you with a Project-Based Grant Writing agreement for an hourly fee. With a little assistance from you, I can gather information to pull together a grant application that will position you or your organization for success.

Contract-Based Grant Writing

For organizations interested in applying for a number of grants over a six-to-twelve month period, a contract-based agreement might be a valuable and rewarding arrangement which would allow you to present funding opportunities to several potential funders.

Creation of Proposals for Major Gifts or Grants from Informal Foundations

A professional support program including documentation, program descriptions, and applications

So you’ve had a meeting with a representative or trustee from a family foundation without an official application process. They’ve invited you to send a “budget,” a description of programs, and “other documentation.” The quality of what you prepare and send back to this foundation through an informal process could make the difference between a medium-sized gift and a large gift. Using insight into the foundation trustees’ values, lessons from the grant writing world, and original language, we can create a suite of documents that will maximize your success.

Proofreading and Editing

A second pair of eyes can be so helpful in catching errors and improving overall readability. Another pair of eyes can give feedback on whether or not your application answers all questions completely and also conforms to grantors’ requirements.

Grant Writing Consultation and Training

Contributed Line provides in-depth, one-on-one, personalized input on how to write better applications while building a sustainable, in-house grant management program.

Program Documentation and Iteration

Not every organization is ready to apply for grant funds today. Have you documented all of your organization’s programs and services? This sort of content generation may not directly result in funding, but it is the first step in readiness to applying to grantors.

Grant-Related Activities

Here’s the part of granting no one ever talks about: writing killer grant reports. Most grantors require follow up documentation that reports on the progress of the project in specific terms. The quality of these documents, the timing of their submission, and the communication around them can make the difference on whether or not funding will continue the next year.


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