Planned Giving

Be Ready For Planned Gifts

How are you going to attract the transformational revenue that so often accompanies gifts made through your donors’ end-of-life decisions?

How will you demonstrate that your organization would know what to do with such a gift?

Do your constituents KNOW that you would welcome being designated in their Last Will and Testament or as a beneficiary in other financial arrangements?

Contributed Line can help you methodically build an elegant, solid, affordable planned giving program.

While a time commitment of three to five years would be recommended, Contributed Line is ready to meet you where you are and build the program that is right for you.

A Contributed Line-led planned giving program launch creates momentum for a long-lived, durable, reliable system that adds strength and prestige to your organization.

We begin by addressing what we believe are the most essential elements of a planned giving program:

  • Identification of prospects
  • Creation of web copy and marketing materials
  • Creation of quarterly/semi-annual customized planned giving newsletter
  • Guidance in crafting of internal/organizational planned giving policy
  • Assistance in solicitation of commitments

Partnership with Expert Counsel

When creating such programs, Contributed Line engages the services of Steve Schmidt of Carlson Burnett, an attorney who specializes in estate planning. Steve has more than three decades of success in practicing law and helping individuals maximize their potential in providing for their beneficiaries. Additionally, Steve helps organizations work with donors to ensure an efficient, seamless transfer of assets.

For a conversation about how to get started, please contact Kevin at or 402.216.8766.

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