For Nonprofits

Copywriting and Content

Your donors are hungry for content. They look at your website. They really do. Even if they don’t answer your emails or call you back, they look at your website.

Let’s make your content the best it can be: your organization’s case for support, the descriptions of your programs, the story of how your organization was founded, etc.

Biographies and Profiles

One of my favorite things to write are bios for board members and staff members. Your board members and staff members are talented experts bringing heart and passion to your organization. This year, rather than (or in addition to) spending money on a professional photographer to take their headshots, invest in the creation of a compelling 150-word bios: who they are and why they believe in your organization’s mission.

Another one of my favorite genres of writing: donor bios. Honoring a major donor to your organization with an elegant article honoring their generosity can have more lasting value than any mug, t-shirt, engraved plaque, or gourmet dinner, and they have the additional benefit of generating positive promotional content for your organization.


  • Monthly newsletters
  • Speeches
  • Scripts
  • Reports
  • Blog posts
  • Social media stories / haikus
  • Donor communications

What content do you need? Contact.

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