Contributed Line can help you build the infrastructure for reliable, sustainable, diversified streams of philanthropic revenue.

Development Program Building

Your organization could probably be raising a lot more money with a little more investment in creating systems around philanthropic revenue streams.

Components of an expanded Development Program might include…

  • Major gifts program
  • Planned giving program
  • Redesign of the online giving experience
  • Mass-solicitation-based annual appeal campaign
  • Creation and production of a regular newsletter
  • Corporate/small business sponsorship program
  • Event-based fundraising
  • Document filing protocol

Whatever your needs, Contributed Line can help you plan the next level of fundraising for your organization.

Corporate Sponsorship Program

How are you recognizing your corporate sponsors? Are they receiving benefits to bring them in closer proximity with your mission while still satisfying your sponsors’ stated and unstated values and requirements?

Are you pursuing complicated and unpredictable corporate sponsorships from inscrutable, opaque organizations when you could be pursuing more straightforward agreements in the same amount from smaller yet equally philanthropic organizations?

In the last decade, I have worked on hundreds of corporate/business sponsorship packages of all sizes and levels of complexity.

I am available to help design the sponsorship menus as well as the communication follow-up work plans that optimize successful proposals and annual sponsorship retention efforts.

Creating and Documenting the Currency of Giving

Do donors or foundations ever ask you for documents you don’t have? Let me help you with that.

  • Planned Giving Form (naming organization in last will & testament, etc.)
  • Pledge Form
  • Pledge Reminder Form
  • Multi-Year Pledge Form
  • Stock Transfer Form
  • Corporate Sponsorship Form
  • Program Sponsorship Form

I can help create forms that exceed industry standards and donor expectations.  

Gift Acknowledgment and Donor Recognition Services

The gift acknowledgment and donor recognition protocol are often the last thing that are considered as fundraisers struggle to fill solicitation calendars and “close” gifts, but what if it were the first?

The tone in which you say “thank you” can make the difference in retaining donors season to season.

Gift acknowledgment and donor recognition for each organization are different. Please call or email me and we can talk about how I can help.

Pledge Tracking Services

How many pledges are not realized each year because organizational staff did not follow up?

Donors may not always respond to your first reminder, but that does not mean they do not want to give.

When donors make a pledge to give a medium-to-large gift over a period of several months or years, it is incumbent upon staff to follow up predictably, accurately, and respectfully. And yet there are so many other demands on your time.

The pledge tracking needs of each organization vary greatly. Let’s discuss your specific needs and wants for your current and future multi-year pledges.

Fundraising-Related Project Management

Is there a donor recognition project that you haven’t had time for? Let’s wrap it up with style and ensure a high retention rate.

Have you got an event coming up and, this time, you don’t want the process to be an absolute nightmare? What is the component that no one wants to do? I guarantee you I have managed every aspect of event project management successfully, and I would be happy to help take any piece off your team’s plate

…And any other fundraising related project you can think of.


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