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Contributed Line is Your Partner in Creation and Abundance in 2023 and Beyond

The world needs what your organization has to offer. The ways in which your organization has relied upon philanthropy in the past may not be viable in the current environment. However, new opportunities are emerging every day. Contributed Line Fundraising Consultancy is here to help you identify the doors that are opening and help your nonprofit determine a path forward.

Contributed Line, LLC is a grant writing, fundraising, and content development company serving the nonprofit sector.

Our services can help you reach new levels of engagement and success.

Contributed Line is a proud member of the following organizations…

We stay abreast of the latest trends and headlines in the world of philanthropy every day. Below is a list of a few favorite sources of information.

  • Philanthropy Today (Chronicle of Philanthropy)
  • Inside Philanthropy Daily Email
  • Candid. Newsletter (GuideStar/FoundationDirectoryOnline)
  • GPA Daily Digest (Grant Professionals Association)
  • Instant Fundraising (The NonProfit Times)
  • AFP Nebraska Newsletter (Association of Fundraising Professionals)
  • GrantAdvisor (Read & Write Reviews of Foundations)
  • Tom Ahern Newsletter
  • The Clairity Click-It Newsletter (Claire Axelrad)
  • Langley Innovations Newsletter (Jim Langley)
  • The Varga Group Newsletter (Amy Varga)
  • Fundraising Transformed (Tammy Zonker)
  • Ignite Fundraising (Lori Jacobwith)
  • Bob’s Latest Annual Giving Departures E-Newsletter (Bob Burdenski)

Contributed Line Fundraising Consultancy

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