Q&A with Kevin about the event called “The Future of Fundraising Is Responsive”

This post conveys more information about “The Future of Fundraising Is Responsive.”

The event is coming up on March 3.

Nonprofit/social impact leaders are invited to attend.

(Register here: https://www.nonprofitam.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1692231&group= )


Here is the Q&A with Kevin Mahler, event co-presenter:

How is this a “training” event?

While I don’t prefer the word “training” when describing a day-long, interactive educational conversation in which philosophical questions and discussions are commingled with actionable, tactical ideas, I understand that “training” is the word we use to describe such events when writing expense reports or requesting professional development funding. 

I also like the words “learning experience,” or “series of conversations that might be helpful to you.”

In this all-day conversation, we will place the experiences of local leaders into the context of these “Responsive Fundraising Sensemaking Tools” (or “The Four Frameworks”) in a hope to expand your thinking, empower you to reframe your organization’s culture of philanthropy, and create favorable atmospheres in which to raise money for your organization.

The event will feature five speakers appearing in this order: Jason Lewis of Responsive Fundraising, Kenley Sturdivant Wilson of inCommon and heykenley.com, Nancy Williams of No More Empty Pots, Brandi Holys of Gross Catholic High School, and myself, Kevin Mahler, of Contributed Line Fundraising Consultancy.

Topics to be discussed:

  • The State of Nonprofit Fundraising in 2023
  • The Four Frameworks of Responsive Fundraising
  • Contextualizing Software and Data in Nonprofit Fundraising
  • Case Studies in Nonprofit Fundraising
  • Moving from the “Efficient Lane” to the “Responsive Lane”

What is the point of this event?

In brainstorming for this event, we identified the following purposes:

  • To stimulate a conversation about the utility of conceptual frameworks in nonprofit fundraising
  • To introduce Jason Lewis’ “Four Frameworks” of Responsive Fundraising in a setting of 30+/- professionals who are seeking to further their careers in nonprofit fundraising
  • To discuss the Four Frameworks and Responsive Fundraising from multiple perspectives
  • To question and reframe these frameworks in service of strengthening the field of fundraising in the nonprofit sector
  • To provide a training/education experience that transcends tactical advice and mechanical skills, and enters into deep, philosophical, and existential questions contextualized to the NAM service area (Nebraska, Western Iowa, NW Mo, SE SD, Eastern WY, etc.)
  • To inspire love for and dedication to the profession of nonprofit fundraising

What can guests expect?

Guests can expect to be empowered and inspired through the exploration of Responsive’s Four Frameworks and the adjacent discussions. Specifically:

  • Empowered to shape the narratives about fundraising and role expectations in your organizations
  • Empowered to request, schedule, and lead meetings with donors that are authentic, productive and mutually rewarding
  • Empowered to keep your software and data in its proper place in your operations
  • Empowered to lead
  • Inspired to create fundraising workplans in which “efficient” and “responsive” forms of fundraising can co-exist
  • Inspired to continue working in this noble and necessary profession
  • Inspired by the clarity that comes with learning and interacting with frameworks

What are the Four Frameworks?

A PDF of infographics of Responsive’s Four Frameworks, sometimes called the “Four Sensemaking Tools” can be found HERE.

Where can I learn more about the speakers?

The Contributed Line event page has speaker bios HERE.

Is this only in-person? Is there a Zoom option?

This is in person only. There is no virtual attendance option. We will absolutely respect and honor the wishes and personal space of attendees who wear face masks and practice physical distancing.

Is seating limited?

Event attendance will be capped at approximately 30.

I cannot attend this event, but would like to support it. How can I help?

You can share the attached flier with someone that you think might enjoy.

Register for the event HERE

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