Onsite Assessment Experience

A New Partnership to Bring Value to Nonprofits

In an effort to cultivate atmospheres in which your fundraising can thrive, Contributed Line partners with Responsive Fundraising to offer one-day and two-day assessment experiences for nonprofit organizations’ fundraising landscapes. These assessments are short-term engagements that bring teams together to understand their internal and external realities in the context of the acclaimed Responsive Fundraising Four Frameworks.

These assessment experiences first ask the question, “What is your current reality?”. The more in-depth and precise your team can collectively be about answering this question, the more informed everyone can be about answering the second question, “Where do we go from here?”.

Having succinctly defined where the organization finds itself, you can now begin to explore the possibilities of what your fundraising efforts could achieve and what resources you will need to reach this destination.

Why Hire Contributed Line for This Experience?

If your organization is in need of clarity, strategy-building, and sensemaking, this is the assessment experience for you!

Our priority is to ensure that you and your team can create a place where fundraising can thrive.

We use what we refer to as asset-based approach to consulting, which means we are going to focus primarily on your organization’s strengths and what you already have working in your favor. This approach generally means:

  • a less expensive implementation process than traditional planning
  • improved use of your existing infrastructure
  • additional capacity for your existing team
  • stronger connections with your existing partners

A one-day or two-day assessment experience will leave your organization with:

  • A new understanding of the two organizational fundraising cultures (“Efficient” versus “Responsive” Fundraising Cultures), the three types of philanthropic support (The Three Lanes), the role of the development personnel (Key Performance Indicators), and observed patterns in campaigns (The Four Waves)
  • A greater understanding of what is working for you and what isn’t
  • A plan for your to leverage your current assets against the opportunities in front of you
  • Greater team cohesion and a shared vision of the organization’s fundraising strategy
  • More clarity about your organization’s assets, goals, and strategy

One-Day vs. Two-Day

Depending on the size of your team and the complexity of your organization and goals, we offer a one-day and two-day experience.

A one-day experience will allow your organization to…

  • Engage in multiple conversations across a full workday, with primary and secondary stakeholders, with exploration of the relevant frameworks
  • Plan the experience in separate pre- and post- meetings that address agenda, expectations, and outcomes
  • Access and review outcome documents that record the day’s insights and recommendations

A two-day experience will allow your organization to enjoy all the benefits of a one-day experience, but also…

  • Involve additional groups of stakeholders in relevant conversations
  • Learn and apply all Four Frameworks in the context of your organization
  • Greater ability to create detailed strategy and explore/process the content of the experience

Proof of Concept

These assessments are how Responsive Fundraising has helped organizations nationwide achieve sustainable fundraising success. Beginning in 2023, Contributed Line is offering these experiences to 1-2 clients per month.

Using a “curriculum” of the Responsive Fundraising Four Frameworks, we guide a conversation that allows strategy building to account for the multiple fundraising opportunities, actions, events, and infrastructure building that all organizations must balance.

How to Schedule an Assessment Experience

To find out of an Assessment Experience is right for you, contact kevin@contributedline.com to book a phone, Zoom, or in-person meeting to discuss the details of your organization’s needs.

When we agree on a time and place for your experience, we will work with you in pre-experience meetings to create the agenda, guest list, and content sequencing that can best serve you.

At the experience, we can move at your pace, include breaks for lunch and daily tasks, and conclude in a schedule that works for you.

After the experience, we offer the ability to meet again for a 60-minute phone or Zoom call to discuss follow-ups and answer questions.

For more information: www.contributedline.com || www.responsivefundraising.com

Contact Kevin Mahler at kevin@contributedline.com

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